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At Mercurius we take pride in the range and quality of products we carry. We work collaboratively with socially and environmentally conscious partners from both around the world and locally, striving to source, develop and supply products that support healthy development for children of all ages.

We select products that are as close to nature as possible, from companies that are aware of sustainability and that retain a consiousness around quality, usability and function.

The quality and agelessness of our products speak for themselves - much of our core range has remained unchanged for over 20 years.

Our product selection is inspired by Steiner, Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia education - working with and recognising the age appropriate learning that takes place in nature and through imaginative play.

Last year,  Waldorf and Steiner schools around the world recognized 100 years of Waldorf/Steiner Education. The global theme that was explored was ‘Learn to Change the World’ and we were witness to the many ways Steiner students around the world experienced their education to equip them with the skills, the strength and the capacity to Change the World.

In Australia, the SEA Conference extended on this global theme to reflect on the wisdom of Steiner’s indications and how they can offer a ‘Renewal for the 21st Century’. 

Our current times are calling for us all to discover an inner strength, to face new challenges and find new ways of working together. 

At Mercurius Australia we are consciously working to understand our part in the world, finding new ways to holistically support Steiner education, both within our schools and within our homes.



Inner Quiet, quiet I bear within me,

I bear within myself, forces to make me strong


Now will I be imbued with their glowing warmth

Now will I fill myself with my own will’s resolve


And I will feel the quiet, pouring through all my being

When by my steadfast striving, I become strong

To find within myself the source of strength

The strength of inner quiet



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