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Verneuer Wooden Toys began in 1988 by a man named Norbert Verneuer in a small region in Germany. Nature is respected, regional trees provide the wood and natural oils and waxes complete the high quality and anesthetically beautiful toys.

In the words of Norbert Verneuer "Our production is founded on three principles - the love for games, the love for toys and the love for wood - this is the personal basis of my work...The feeling of warmth, the solidit and the smell of wood address the child's senses....Wood is a renewable resource...returning to the natural cycle and does not burden our ecological system...The production is work-intensive and require knowledge and attention to detail. This makes the product valuable. A wooden dollhouse of a farmstead are gifts for life which can be passed on through many generations...In contrast to accuracy to the smallest detail with the focus on the end product being as close to reality as possible, we deliberatively decided to give our toys a more simple and modest shape which leaves space for the children's fantasy and allows creative playing in different development phases. Welcome to my workshop!"

Mercurius Australia is the wholesaler and distributor for Verneuer Toys within Australia.