|   Golden Fleece Australian Eco-Wool

Golden Fleece Australian Eco-Wool is grown, spun and dyed in Australia with a commitment to sustainability, the health of humanity, animal welfare and the care of the environment.

All Golden Fleece wool comes from non-mulesed sheep, grown and raised on Australian farms. Following the scouring and washing of our wool using eco-friendly detergents, Golden Fleece is spun and dyed using traditional skills and supporting local business in regional Australia.

We do not super wash our finished wool, which means no environmentally harming chlorine washes or polymer coverings are used to alter the natural durability and finish. Golden Fleece wool can be hand washed in cool water.

Our wool is equally suited to knitting, crocheting, weaving or any craft item and will felt well. Available as 8ply, 12ply and 16ply, in undyed or a range of vibrant colourfast colours.

Mercurius Australia is the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor for Golden Fleece Eco-Wool in Australia.