|  Debresk Toys

Debresk Toys was started in 1987 on a Biodynamic farm in Sweden by three friends that attended a Steiner school together. Their vision, which is still current today, was to produce quality toys to replace the 'wear and tear and throw away' culture that leads to environmental and human destruction.

Debresk toys are made from living materials, materials with life to be taken care of. As a child develops a relationship to the things they play with, they develop a relationship to the world, as they take care of their toys, they learn to grow up in a world they want to take care of.

Debresk believe that toys support the healthy development of the child as it stimulates fantasy and creativity. To cultivate, in the child, an appreciation of beauty and convey an impression or knowledge about the world. Debresk's intention is to contribute to the balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect of the growing child, as they play with the smoothly shaped, natural colour wooden toys.

Mercurius Australia distributes Debresk Toys within Australia.