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Sarahs Silks Playsilk Enchanted Colours 90x275cm

These 100% silk playcloths are perfect for creative and open-ended play. They are light yet strong and the edges of each playsilk are hand-hemmed. All playsilks are colour-fast and hand washable. They can even be ironed on a medium setting. Available in two sizes.

The large silk scapes (90 x 275 cm / 35" x 108") are ideal for draping as a canopy over a bed as a roof for the play stand as walls of a fort or as large landscapes and oceans. There are endless possibilities! Available in five enchanting blends; mixed colours each with their own theme.

100% silk 90x275 cm (35x108 inch) hand-hemmed

Colours available: 21 rainbow 22 star 25 blossom 26 fire 27 sea