Buy Plant Dyed Play Silk unhemmed 920mmx1000mm in Australia.

Plant Dyed Play Silk unhemmed 920mmx1000mm

The use of a Play Silk is only limited by yours and your childs imagination. It can become a cape an angels wings a kite a flag a baby carrier a river the beach a grass paddock or a pond.

Silk has a unique texture and shine creating a fine flowing motion when moved and waved through the air and becoming luminescent when part of a nature scape on a nature table.

Dyed with natural plant dyes to create the authentic mellow and subtle colours of nature.

A plant dyed natural play silk dyed with natural plant colours and dyes stimulates your childs creativity and imagination while offering a balance to the abundance of artificial products textures and bright colours found in todays world. Part of our range of products to help support the harmonious development of a childs senses.

Raw edges 22g 920mmx1000mm Pongé quality 05