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Wooden Horse Shoe Bucket Stilts

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These wooden horse shoe stilts are sturdy and so much fun as they are worn and the child becomes a horse as they clip clop clip clop along. Team up with our Childrens Horse Harness for a real horsey experience - the rope even smells like a horse stable!

Our Horse Stilts are made from solid alder wood and come with a real horseshoe attached. A hoof shape has been hollowed out of the base so that the stilts ake the realistic clip-clopping sound of horses' hooves and even leave a horseshoe imprint on paths and in playgrounds.

A hole is drilled through the wood for inserting the untreated hemp rope. The length of the rope handles can easily be adjusted for different heights with a simple flat knot.

As well as being fung the horse stilts also have therapeutic benefits developing a sense of balance and coordination. And perhaps most importantly they encourage to get out into the fresh air and get active!

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