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Choroi Ashwood 9 String Diatonic Kantele SPECIAL ORDER

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A kantele is the traditional stringed instrument of Finland played by Vainamoinen himself in the Finnish epic poem the Kalevala. According to the legend all realms of nature and cosmos were moved by this instrument.

This beautiful 9-stringed ashwood kantela is made by Choroi and has a diatonic tuning of c'-d'-e'-f'-g'-a'-b'-c"-d" which can be re-tuned to the minor keys of the ancient Finnish folk songs. A wonderful resource for the Class 5 teacher when re-telling the Kalevala. The instrument rests on the lap and is plucked or strummed.

To hear various kanteles and see how they are played you can view:

Finnish lullaby on the kantele
Kalevala song on kantele
John Billings conducts a lyre and kantele group

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